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One of the oldest sweets in Siena is the cavalluccio, the progenitor of the variegated family of flour and honey biscuits.

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The peculiarity of the cavalluccio was the spicy flavour with the addition of black pepper, anise, walnuts and ginger. Their name apparently derives from the small print that the producers affixed on them with the representation of a little horse. It is no coincidence that the main consumers of this dessert were the servants of the owner’s horses, grooms and coachmen who accompanied it with a good genuine drinks , leaving more expensive and sophisticated delicacies such as ”Panforte” to the rich class.

To fully enjoy the flavour of cavallucci you need to taste them fresh, just made. When the cavallucci are opened, almonds and walnuts must “bother each other”, that is, they must be packed tight and full of flavour. Anise also plays an important role: it must be a light shade that enhances and doesn’t cover the other ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: white flour, honey, orange peel, walnuts, almonds, powdered spices.

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