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Weight 100 / 250 / 450 / 1000 GR.

Artisan Panforte, rich in fruit, almonds and finest honey and cooked without too much haste, waiting for the different components to recognise each other to slowly marry in a sweet embrace.

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Numerous legends mixed with fragments of history are confused around Panforte, but one thing is certain, its origins are very
 remote. The most ancient legend reconnects it to the Holy Night of the Birth of Christ, when in homage to the Redeemer a child brought his poor gifts: a little bread and almonds which, after the blessing of St. Joseph, turned into a wonderful
Panforte. The modern formula of this cake was born towards the end of the nineteenth century with the Panforte Margherita, where it would introduce the use of candied citron, orange and lemon in addition to sweet drugs such as cinnamon or vanilla.
Making a good Panforte is not easy. First of all you need first choice products, the dough must be a harmonious balance of flavours, shaded with different tones. But that’s not all. To bake a lordly Panforte above all you need experience, that series of rules that generations of pastry chefs have handed down from father to son and that enrich the success of a typical dessert with a thousand
 details. All characteristics that are found in this artisan Panforte of Panificio Il Magnifico.

INGREDIENTS: Orange peel and candied melon, Almonds, Hazelnut nibs, Sugar, Wheat flour type ”0”, Honey, Wafers, Mixture of spices.

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