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”Panpepato” is an ancient medieval dessert made with honey, flour, nuts and ginger.

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“Panpepato” is an ancient artisan dessert of the Sienese tradition.
 Panpepato or Peppery bread is already mentioned with this name in the Sienese documentary sources of the medieval age and was probably similar to the present one also in the recipe.
 It probably originated within some shop of sellers of spices or “apothecaries”, who could take advantage of their aromas to enrich the basic dough of the dessert that was born thanks to the Sienese housewives.
 It  then spread among the monasteries, where the most suitable formula to combine the various ingredients is invented among them. The happiest moment for Panpepato is however during the Renaissance, when it is deservedly recognised as a must-have dish for the most sumptuous and special occasions.

INGREDIENTS: Candied orange and melon peels, dried figs, almonds, hazelnuts nibs, sugar, type ”0” wheat flour, honey, caramel, wafers, spice mixes.

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